What I’m Into – January

Welcome to my first What I’m Into linkup! Check out a gilmpse of what I’ve loved this month and feel free to share what you’ve loved in the comments. I hope January has been kind to you and that February brings new joys.

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey. I’m not done with it yet but I love it. I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog for about a year and a half now. Her graceful speech never fails to impress me.
Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh. I’m a HUGE fan of her blog, so I could not wait to read her book. It made me laugh aloud. And her chapters on depression were poignant and still funny. I’d highly recommend.
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I’d had the book on my kindle account for more than a year but never read the book. I’d grown up on the Canadian mini-series, so I knew what to expect. But my kindred spirit was so beautiful in print, too. I’m glad I picked it up and read it.

I have a book challenge on goodreads for 2014, 50 books for the year, and I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it or not. But it’s fun to try out! Right now, I’ve read six of fifty with three books in [serious] progress. I think I’m going to take up Leigh’s challenge of reading books I own this month.

-Sherlock: I’m so glad the series is back! I’ve missed it so. I really like the character development, too. It’s been two years in canon and real life, and they’re portraying that very well within the characters. I think I might like it now better than I did when it premiered. I’m going to be re-watching soon.
-How I Met Your Mother: I love The Mother so much. I wasn’t sure what to expect but her presence has been a bright spot in this season. How Your Mother Met Me blew me away this week. I’m still not over that rendition of La Vie En Rose.

Not much on the music front this month. I’ve been listening to a lot of old favorites. I need to find some new music.
-The Frozen soundtrack, because of reasons. Let It Go is my power jam.
Colony House has an ep on noisetrade right now. I have one of their older eps (when they were Caleb) and I love it. They have a lot of talent. I highly recommend.

Jane Eyre (for those of you who don’t know, Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a modern adaptation webseries of Jane Eyre. And it’s awesome). This month the team brought it, tackling one of the hardest parts of the storyline. One week brought three episodes (one was a surprise twenty minute ep).
The Fault in our Stars trailer: I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. This book is one of my favorites. But every time I get to the part where Gus says, “You can’t choose who you hurt in this world…” I begin to tear up. I’m going to be a hot mess when the movie comes out.

Things I Loved:
-having a nice relaxing birthday with my family
-relaxed fit t-shirts. I got one for Christmas and two from TWLOHA for my birthday. So comfy, so awesome.
-getting surprise gifts in the mail from long distance friends
-falling in love with pumpkin tea
-January is one of my favorite months. I love the newness and refreshing that it always seems to bring me. I’m always sad when it seems to go so quickly. I love my birth-month dearly.

Favorite instagram:
ImageThanks to Leigh for hosting! I’m glad to take part for the first time. Let’s see what February brings me to love. And if next month’s post has its own category for the chocolate I’ve found on clearance. 😀


One thought on “What I’m Into – January

  1. I can’t believe you never read Anne of Green Gables before! That was a childhood staple, as were the two movies. (We shall not speak of the atrocious third movie.) I don’t watch HIWMYM regularly but I did catch the episode you mentioned and thought it was fantastic.

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

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