When Nature Heals Me

I didn’t grow up in a place with seasons, not in the traditional sense. We did not have the glorious blooming and flowering of spring. The rare leaves that color themselves and fall don’t appear til January. We never have a white Christmas.

When I moved away from my home, up to the mountains, I learned just how much I needed those seasons, how much I thrive with this organic change. To look out my window and see the grandeur of tall trees and looming mountains, to walk in the midst of the color. How much the blooming of the flowers made my smile and their colour amazed me.


Though everything was not perfect then, nature changed me. It gave me an appreciation for a place I’d never lived in before. I had stayed in the mountains, but now I lived in them. Whether covered in mist or the hazy purple of the sunset, they stood out there, in my backyard. I grew to love walking, because the air was cooler. I grew to really like hiking, because again, the air was cooler, affording me less exhaustion. I saw little salamanders, hiding along the trails for the first time and feel in love with them. I could drive from the city into the nearly empty country in five to ten minutes, depending on the root. I’d never experienced this and home. City and wide open space being neighbors so effortlessly. A community who was not anxious to settle every open space around them.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in the problems that surround me. For the oft slow process of change or quick rattling to unsettle me, for a day. When I lived in the foothills of the mountains, I walked among glory and being in nature, it showed me what truly mattered. Problems are solved, change is adjusted to, things happen in time. Beauty surrounds us every day and this planet we live in is filled with glorious things. I am small but I belong in this world. We are surrounded by nature to enjoy, to delight in. To sit on a lawn and watch the colours of the sunset, a few precious moments unbothered by responsibilities. Phone only in use to capture that sunset and maybe upload it to instagram (okay, definitely upload it to instagram, let’s be real).


To the nature I lived in for two years, thank you. Thank you for being constant and beautiful. Thank you for your refuge. Thank you for making my spirit come alive. I miss you everyday. And I can’t wait to come back.


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