What I’m Into – April

Hello lovelies! Another month has come and gone. April was good to me, though I spent the majority of the month swamped. It feels good to have time to reflect on what I loved and learned last month. (What I was into the last week of April: R&R!) Linking up with Leigh to share what I’m into.

What I Read:
-I read Marcus Borg for the first time this month. When he passed in January, I reserved two of his books from my local library. And since I’d run out of renewals (oops) I finished them up this month. I may have been a little intimidated because I’m not a scholar. There was nothing to be afraid of, for me. I picked up Reading the Bible Again for the First Time (4/5) and Evolution of the World (3/5). These books touched on similar themes and often repeated themselves. I enjoyed them both but ultimately wished they were longer (yep, a 500 page book needed to me longer) and had a little more depth. He glossed over ideas as facts, then skipped past them, whereas I wanted more of an explanation. Guess that means I need to do more reading!
-#girlboss by Sophia Amorosa (4/5). Found this in the new and relevant section, so I grabbed it for a quick read. Not the standard book I’d pick up but she had some great insights about business, professionalism and running a company.
-Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman (4/5). So good. A collection of short stories and poetry. Not everything is a hit but there’s so much variety you can find a favorite easily.
-The Last Letter to Your Lover by Jojo Moyers (4/5). The setting of this book felt very much like Mad Men, as the stories are set around the same time. The story is split into two parts, then and now. Then takes up most of the novel with now taking up the last fourth.
-Emma: A Modern Retelling by Alexander McCall Smith (3/5). I’d read mixed reviews before picking this book up. I understand why once I read the book. Some modernization elements I like, others I thought fell flat. I didn’t enjoy this book (but if you love Emma, you probably will).

Given the amount of 3 and 4 star books I read in April, I can see why I’ve been itching to read something I really love. I read 9 books in April bringing my total up to 42.

What I Listened To:
-Home by Josh Garrels. I haven’t listened to this album too much yet. But I know it’ll be one of those albums that will stick with me.
-Ioexa by Copeland. Haunting and beautiful.

What I Watched:
-Once Upon a Time. The Robin centric ep was my favorite. I still have mixed feelings about the Cruella ep.
-Greys. I haven’t watched this show for a while because of time issues. I remembered it was on last week and decided to watch it. Bad move. Ughhh, I don’t want to talk about it. Still not over it.
-Star Wars – The Clone Wars: Picked this series up during Celebration. I hear it gets better past season 1. (if you see jar-jar in the description, it’s probably safe to skip that episode)

What Else I Listened to, Podcasts:
-I listened to a lot of podcasts this month. There were a couple days where I was anxious and needed the extra noise to focus on what I was doing. I expanded my borders and picked up a few new podcasts.
-The Boredom Experiment. Photographers Jeremy and Ash Parsons have lived their lives online. Now: they embark on a new journey, a year without social media. So far they have two podcasts up, one about how the idea began and the second about how their two oldest boys were effected by their parents use of social media.
-Dear Sugar. I loved Cheryl’s memoir Wild so I thought I’d check out her podcast. I really enjoyed the episodes I listened to. Definitely a podcast I’ll be coming back to.
-This American Life. Caught up on a few episodes I downloaded and missed. I really like this series, because it makes me think critically about the things around me.

I’ve downloaded two more that I haven’t started yet: Sorta Awesome and The Liturgist Podcast.

What Else I’m Into:
-One of the coolest things I saw come out of RHE’s book release (besides the awesome Searching for Sunday itself) were these printings. Ruth is so talented, creating a work based on each of the Sacraments. I was taken aback when I first saw these. They are so rich and gorgeous and meaningful. ❤ I love them, I love art. Here’s the link to check them out. And by popular demand she’s made them available for purchase on her Society6 page.
-I did a series of writing this month during Holy Week. I was apprehensive about it at first but I loved the results (coming soon to a blog near you, I hope).
-Summer is almost here. Though I’m not a fan of the weather, I’m so grateful for the possibilities it brings with it. I’m looking for renewal, recharging and growth.
-The weather on the last day of April was the perfect spring weather! 70s and breezy. Just what I needed.

What I Instagrammed:
-My favorite snap this month was a plane, of course. I love when my travel takes me near the airport.

May Goals:
-Painting. I have one project in progress and a couple in mind, so I want to get those done this month.
-Make a dent in my to-read stack. Besides the fun, I do have a few practical research books in there.
-Pick up a few new books. New releases from Rachelle Dekker and Jamie Tworkowski are coming out this month, among others, which I’m super excited about.
-Write. Both in generally and here on the blog.
-Training. I need to get myself in shape now that I’m going to have a little more free time.
-Find a few more ways to have fun. Because why not, right?

Until next month, lovelies! I hope May is everything you want and more. ❤


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