What I’m Into – February


Welcome to another edition of What I’m Into! Gosh, how has a month already passed? It feels like January just ended. I’m linking up with Leigh, our awesome host.

This month I finished:
Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey
Anne of the Island by LM Montgomery
Water Walker eps 1 and 2 by Ted Dekker
Eyes Wide Open by Ted Dekker

I found that some retailers are starting to carry editions of The Fault in our Stars that are autographed, so I now officially own tfios with a purple J scribble. Mine came from Target, it’s pretty affordable and has a bonus dvd to boot. I got an email from books a million that they are carrying autographed copies, too. More to choose from! I highly recommend this book, so if you haven’t read it, now’s a good opportunity.

Water Walker is a new serial series that Ted Dekker is releasing. Each edition is around 79 pages each, making for quick reads. He likens the episodes to tv show episodes. Episode 1 (or book 1) is free on various retailers, so I downloaded it. Now here’s where I give a disclaimer: I have not liked much of Ted’s works for the past several years. I’m a big fan of the man himself (if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, do it, he’s amazing with his passion), but I haven’t been able to get into his writing. I started the book thinking that if I didn’t like it, it was free and it was short, it wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t like it. WELL. The book blew me away, I loved it. Sadly, I did not come away from book two with as enthusiastic of feelings. I’m still going to finish out the series as they are released, but I’m not sure how I’m going to like it as a whole.

I really can’t recommend Jesus Feminist enough or dear Sarah Bessey. She has a sense of grace about her that impresses me. Her book isn’t just for feminists or women, it’s a good read for everyone, no matter your background and stance. The greatest thing I took away from this book was the way that Sarah invited every women to follow her unique God-given calling. I couldn’t ask for anything better.

Noah Gunderson – Ledges. I love this album, I was a fan of his last album Family, too. Favorite songs are Poor Man’s Son and Ledges.

With their reunion announced, I’ve been listening to more Nickel Creek and remembering why I love them so much. I’ve been playing Reason’s Why a good deal, I really like that album.

Sherlock: The third episode solidified it as my favorite of all the series (or seasons, for those of us in the US). There was a great deal of character development and I loved the dynamic that Mary added. Looking forward to series 4 already.
How I Met Your Mother: Last week’s episode felt like older eps, showing off how well thisĀ  group works together. I can’t believe it ends this month.
Downton Abbey: I skipped a good bit of the season because of a certain plot point, but caught up on the last three episodes. And because of the ending of the Christmas special, I’m so glad I did.

Jane Eyre: I really like where the series is right now, showing us more of Jane’s character in very subtle ways. As of Feb 28th, the show has been in airing on youtube for a year, yay! And there’s still more story to tell.
The Art Assignment: A new series run by PBS with John and Sarah Green (aka The Yeti, if you’ve ever watched vlogbrothers). It’s a really cool take on art, where they tackle a concept with an artist who’s known for that art. The artist of the week gives an assignment, so the project becomes interactive with the views. I love this series, the art it introduces me to and the John-Sarah banter.
I Didn’t Write This: a series that narrates and visualized poetry and short excerpts. I’m in love! I linked up with my favorite, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.
Emma Approved: I’m really glad this series is back from hiatus. The actors who play Emma and Alex (aka Knightley) play their characters so well, I love the chemistry between them. Right now, I don’t love the plot. It feels more like a “based on” story than an adaptation.

On the web:
The Other Side of Donald Miller’s post: Church PTSD – I really loved this post on Scot McKnight’s blog, showing the struggle a family went through in the church. I could relate to the content described and I think it’s a good conversation to have, in the church.

This will become more of a regular thing, but for right now, this is the only post I have to show. I generally tweet and RT posts that really capture my attention, so follow me on twitter for more.

Things I loved:
-I finished up a crafting project (long overdue) and sent it to my friends.
-Watching IF online, my favorite talks came from Sarah Bessey and Christine Caine.
-The Sunday where I got both Girl Scout Cookies and long awaited photos
-Getting prints of those long awaited photos, my dear friend’s wedding and hanging them on my walls
-A really good Valentines Day

yellow flowers
Living up North gave me such a love for trees with blooming flowers. I found this tree on my way to lunch on Friday and fell in love. Spring is coming.

Sorry for my silence on the blog. I wasn’t quite sure what to write about, hence my silence. Lent always seems to bring the words and so I hope to have more writing here soon. I think I’m going to be revising a few writing projects and posting them here, as well.


An Understanding: The Impact of Story

In November 2012, I found a webseries called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It’s a modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, with Lizzie as a 24 year old grad student. I happened to tune in for the first episode to feature Darcy (the proposal scene in the book) and was so impressed that I kept watching…and fell in love.

One year ago today, a video called An Understanding went up. It’s a really touching scene between Lizzie and her youngest sister Lydia, showing depth into the character of Lydia and the strain that separated the sisters. (If you follow the book, they adapted Lydia and made some different choices, but grew her into a fully fleshed character, while remaining faithful to her book counterpart. Someone I loved and cared for, rather than misunderstood and pitied) In this part of the story, Lydia is dealing with profound hurt and the way she talks about it connected with me instantly. I’m trying to avoid spoilers in my description, so bear with some of the vague description.

I remember, I was sitting in the quiet computer lab that day, just finishing up my homework and eager to watch the video before grabbing lunch with friends. Halfway through my eyes filled up with tears and at the end, I couldn’t push them away anymore. Initially I had been excited because at eight minutes, it was one of the longest videos to date. But those eight minutes were filled with some of the best acting and storytelling I’ve seen. The last lines of Lizzie and Lydia connect with me, through the heart and emotion given. Rachel Kiley wrote most of the Lydia arc and I have to give credit, her writing made Lydia beautiful. She wrote An Understanding and it definitely showcases her talent.

I’ve only been able to watch this episode a few times since it aired. One time, I made the mistake of watching it when I was early to an event and I wept in the hallway of a church (those last lines y’all, they do me in). Ultimately, I love what it shows me about the value of love, that there is no mistake too large for love to not hold us.

Mary Kate Wiles, the actress who plays Lydia wrote up a reflection about that day which you can read here.