What I’m Into – April


What I’m Into – April

This month went by crazy fast. There were so many beautiful moments between Easter, friends birthdays, celebrating four years since I visited Chicago with friends and moments I got to spend with family. Towards the end of the month, my Grandfather ended up in the hospital multiple times working out some heart issues, so it’s been a little crazy. In between job hunting, looking into classes and integrating some needed self care into my life, I feel stretched. Since I missed the March link-up, I’m combining my March and April results.

-Places I Never Planned by Aimee Bontreger {a beautiful collection of short stories}
-The Forgotten Rose by Alexandra Laine {a novel written by a friend from college. A great debut!}
-Water Walker ep 4 by Ted Dekker {tied up the series really well}
-The Crowd, The Critic and the Muse by Michael Gungor {a must for creatives}
-The Weeping Chamber by Sigmund Brouwer {an old favorite that still stands up. Historical fiction that’s a snapshot of Holy Week}

I’m currently reading Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton {love it so far} and rereading The Sacred Meal by Nora Gallagher. You can follow my progress through my goodreads profile.

-Fringe {I binge watched while sick in March and the complete series is great. Season four was my favorite}
-How I Met Your Mother {watched the finale via skype with my own gang. Still mixed about the ending but I am in love with The Mother}
-Once Upon A Time {I can’t get into the character of Zelina. She drives me crazy every time I go to watch. But I’m loving Regina’s character development. Thank you writers. And also Hook}

-John Mark McMillan {Picked up Borderlands after his concert and have been playing that. Favorite song – Future/Past}
-Needtobreathe {Love their new album}

Webseries/Youtube Awesomeness:
-Kissing in the Rain. {A webseries about two actors who find themselves kissing in the rain for their projects. My favorite ep is adapted from Anne of Green Gables}
-Autobiography of Jane Eyre. {The series is in the last 3/4 of the book and oh my feels.}
Clash at the Catina. {If I were to dream about Star Wars, it would be exactly this. Love this from the ApprenticeA team}
Bertha’s Attic Song. {From the awesome Yulin Kuang. Bertha of Jane Eyre fame parodies “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled. And it is just as hilarious as you’d imagine}

Must Read:
Sarah Bessey’s words on faith and nature. This theme has been in my head (and my draft box) for a while and her words resonated with me.
TWLOHA responds to a post on post secret. This is why I love this organization so much.
Addie Zierman’s piece on When Depression Comes Back.

April, I posted my favorite image from Spring up in Virginia. The tree in the picture was torn down sometime last summer and it makes me so sad. It was a beautiful tree with these blooms every spring. I’m sad its no longer there for future students to love.
April - Spring

March, There were so many images I loved in March but I really like this snap I got of my dog, Gracie. March - Spring

Be sure to check out Leigh’s page and browse some of the others who are linking up this month. Here’s to a better May!

Question: Do you have any ideas where to find more affordable books? I can’t always afford to pay full price and my library selection is not up to par. What do you recommend?